blue bird with flowers

I made this one for my girl friend's baby daughter who visited from Seattle this past week. The flowers on the invisible line are from a Hawaiian lei I disassembled.

This one (and the chubby flying one from the last post) is for a nice lady who contacted me about my birdies in Michigan. Hi Tracy!


blue birds flying

in honor of the fantastic cooler beautiful gorgeous weather today (it was 90 degrees the past few days-ick!):
felted blue birds

and one more--standing blue bird

 she looks like she standing in first position-ballerina blue bird.


balance board

I have been meaning to make this balance board for a long time. I decided to cover it with fabric instead of duct tape like elsie marley since I am lazy and that is what I had handy. Yup, it's fun! On the carpet. On the tile, not so much. Thankfully I tried that out before my son did!

Even kitty cat approved.


banner cheer

I made this little banner for a little girl in the hospital who needed a little cheering. I hope it worked a little.

 I used scrap fabric, made the felt flowers with paper leaves (from an old birthday card) and some ancient seam binding still in the package that worked just great!
I really hope I took off that hot glue string before I sent it off! Fingers crossed.
If you don't mind praying for this little girl K., please pray for her health and emotional well being during this trying time. Thank you!

dyed wool

We kool-aid dyed some more wool roving! I love it! Cheap, easy and fun! I kind of wet-felted it by accident, but since I plan to needle felt with it, it's totally fine. This was the last of my first order (8 oz) of wool and I got some more in the mail yesterday! woohooo! And Licorice Tree gave me a little cute baggie of already dyed wool for free! How cool it that?
yup, that's a little kiss stamp he got from the library! no, i did not tattoo my 2 year old.

Let me tell you- my son LOVES wool! He had a blast carrying this dyed wool around after it was dry. Who knew that wool could be so much for for a 2 year old. I guess he gets it from me since I am now a HUGE wool fan now that I have discovered needle felting.

He cracked me up when he sat on his rainbow chair (yes, I let him sit on lawn furniture in the family room if he drags in in from out back) and started stacking the wool on his feet saying he was keeping his feet warm. Thankfully his feet were clean!
love those feet! and everything attached to them!
btw, all these photos are completely unedited to show their true colors.

mother's day card

'cause that's how my mama is! she makes lemonade from lemons.