i will be gone for a few weeks, but never fear, i will be back. in the meantime, i leave you with this...

ever since having my very own baby, i've decided that i HEART babies! everything babies, i just adore! this is coming from someone who did not want babies several years ago and now i love love love them!
and i think i will love love love this film too.
p.s. i decided to write in "baby" (aka lowercase) letters in honor of this film.


"little dress" with photo

Since I did not have time at the pillowcase dress-making party to make my "little dress for Africa," I made it today. I needed to buy some bias tape and elastic, which I picked up today and now it is done! I added a sweet little pocket to the front too (and added a little note for the special girl who receives it).

I had some extra work to do on this little dress since the pillow case I bought was a sham. Not a good idea, but I made it work. I cut off the flange of the sham, used the side seams as the sides of the dress (since the original directions call for a pillow case with one seam which you move to the back of the dress). I zigzagged the edges on top of the seam to make sure they would not fray. It worked out just fine; it just took a little longer. I though the stripes were very nice, so I wanted to make it work.

I had my son model the dress, but it was too big, he would not sit still and I think daddy may not appreciate photos of his son in a dress on the internet! I thought he looked pretty cute though!

Pretty darn cute for a pillowcase, huh?


changing lives one little dress at a time

Our church participated in this last night. About a 100 women and girls (and a few boys and men) gathered together at church to create these cute pillowcase dresses to be delivered to Africa and possibly to Haiti. What a wonderful time we had. Please see video below of women making these dresses. We are sending along our love and prayers to the girls that will wear them. Inside each dress was an iron on patch with the size and a special message for the special girl.

If you would like to make a pillowcase dress, please see here for directions.
They are easier than I thought!


felt travel mat

Remember those felt boards in preschool? That board made of felt to which you stick felt figures? Well that is the concept behind the felt travel mat. I learned how to make one from The Clay Family Blog. And guess what? I made it in one evening after the babe was asleep! I even made all the below fun cut outs last night. I cut out some more this evening, but did not take photos of them (cars, babe's name, etc). If you have travel plans coming up, you definitely should make one!

I used a button instead of velcro because I did not have any iron-on velcro and did not want to take the time to sew on the non-iron-on kind (if that makes sense!). I also made this one 2 inches longer and wider for more play room.
The outside is made from an old receiving blanket. I love this pattern and still wanted it around, so this was perfect!
Love the storage pockets! Two are def better than one! 
This is going to be the perfect activity for baby on the plane!


my mom's easter t-shirt

Grammy gave baby an appliquéd Easter t-shirt. She cut out the chick and eggs from a patterned fabric and appliquéd them on a t-shirt. How cute! It's a little big for him now, but I bet next year it will be perfect!

happy easter peeps!

When I saw this Peeps Bunny bunting about a month ago on MADE I knew I just had to make one. It is awesome!!! (Not to mention the photography skilz are rad!!!

Time flew and I did not get to sit down to make one until Friday night and I did not have time to make a litter of Peeps, so I made three as door hangings.I am keeping one and giving two of them as gifts. The one I am keeping I hung on our door in the middle of our lemon wreath.

A bunch of "peeps" fell in love with the Peep bunting like I did and they took the idea and totally ran with it! Look at all the amazingly creative ideas!!!

Since this is an Easter post I will include my little Easter sign I made several years ago from a "cheep" (get it?)  chalkboard in a frame.

Here are the componets:
1. Chalkboard in frame
2. Scrapbook paper for background
3. The little lambs are from a birthday card I received
4. Foam "paper" (I can't think of the correct name right now) for the bunny ears
5. Wooden dog cut out that I painted yellow
6.Die cut banner with letter stickers
7. Mod Modge to stick it all down
8. Double sided satin ribbon to hang