happy easter peeps!

When I saw this Peeps Bunny bunting about a month ago on MADE I knew I just had to make one. It is awesome!!! (Not to mention the photography skilz are rad!!!

Time flew and I did not get to sit down to make one until Friday night and I did not have time to make a litter of Peeps, so I made three as door hangings.I am keeping one and giving two of them as gifts. The one I am keeping I hung on our door in the middle of our lemon wreath.

A bunch of "peeps" fell in love with the Peep bunting like I did and they took the idea and totally ran with it! Look at all the amazingly creative ideas!!!

Since this is an Easter post I will include my little Easter sign I made several years ago from a "cheep" (get it?)  chalkboard in a frame.

Here are the componets:
1. Chalkboard in frame
2. Scrapbook paper for background
3. The little lambs are from a birthday card I received
4. Foam "paper" (I can't think of the correct name right now) for the bunny ears
5. Wooden dog cut out that I painted yellow
6.Die cut banner with letter stickers
7. Mod Modge to stick it all down
8. Double sided satin ribbon to hang

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