felt travel mat

Remember those felt boards in preschool? That board made of felt to which you stick felt figures? Well that is the concept behind the felt travel mat. I learned how to make one from The Clay Family Blog. And guess what? I made it in one evening after the babe was asleep! I even made all the below fun cut outs last night. I cut out some more this evening, but did not take photos of them (cars, babe's name, etc). If you have travel plans coming up, you definitely should make one!

I used a button instead of velcro because I did not have any iron-on velcro and did not want to take the time to sew on the non-iron-on kind (if that makes sense!). I also made this one 2 inches longer and wider for more play room.
The outside is made from an old receiving blanket. I love this pattern and still wanted it around, so this was perfect!
Love the storage pockets! Two are def better than one! 
This is going to be the perfect activity for baby on the plane!


  1. It turned out GREAT! I LOVE that you re-purposed an old receiving blanket; I'm going to borrow that idea! Your felt play objects are wonderful.

    Thanks for linking it back to my tutorial and sharing your post!


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