"little dress" with photo

Since I did not have time at the pillowcase dress-making party to make my "little dress for Africa," I made it today. I needed to buy some bias tape and elastic, which I picked up today and now it is done! I added a sweet little pocket to the front too (and added a little note for the special girl who receives it).

I had some extra work to do on this little dress since the pillow case I bought was a sham. Not a good idea, but I made it work. I cut off the flange of the sham, used the side seams as the sides of the dress (since the original directions call for a pillow case with one seam which you move to the back of the dress). I zigzagged the edges on top of the seam to make sure they would not fray. It worked out just fine; it just took a little longer. I though the stripes were very nice, so I wanted to make it work.

I had my son model the dress, but it was too big, he would not sit still and I think daddy may not appreciate photos of his son in a dress on the internet! I thought he looked pretty cute though!

Pretty darn cute for a pillowcase, huh?


  1. ADORABLE! You are so darn talented!

  2. SUPER cute - that is really great April!

  3. thanks girls!!! they are really easy to make--especially if you follow the directions! hehe! ;)

  4. Wow - you have been so prolific with your crafts! I haven't checked your website in a few weeks and lo and behold you have made a bunch of new stuff! I love the travel felt boards and the reusable sandwich bags. So creative! :)


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