he is risen frame

 We needed a little Easter in our house. Spring has sprung here. It was over 80- degrees today! From 40 degrees to 80 degrees in a week! No thank you! I need to ease into  our sweltering summers (or so without them completely!).

 Anyhow, I changed up the insides of this frame from fall to spring. So easy! I found some old rub on letter that I've had for over 20 years (probably even more, actually). They were my dad's from when he did drafting back in the day. I decided the white, almost transparent, letters kind of gave a veiled feeling...like Jesus coming out of the tomb and revealing himself to his followers.

It was difficult to get a good photo of it as there are windows across from the frame and mirrors on the left side which reflected off the lens and made light spots, so I only have one photo that is half way decent.

I used scrapbook paper for the background and cross and a little piece of ribbon I received on a gift as a divider. It can't get any easier than this! Do you have an empty frame you can turn into an Easter decoration?


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felting continued

 I've still been felting with the remaining wool I bought last year for my son's sheep birthday party. It goes a long way! I still have some left so I'll continue to make little wool felted animals for a while. I thought I'd share some of my latest creations.
 white fox

 buzzing bee
The bee is hanging from my son's bedroom ceiling so he can give it a little push now and then to set it a-buzzing....the antennae are from a little scrap of wire I had hanging around my desk.
It was super hard to get a good photo of this little bee. He is so light, the slightest movement sends him buzzing. What you can't see in the photo is the bee's little stinger is a broken toothpick.
little dog with whiskers
I had to take the dog and bear photos fast--the wind and rain is blowing like crazy! The wind blew the little dog right off the chair!

You may have seen a version of this photo on my ten on ten post... it's where they all start... on the foam.
Thank you for visiting! Give felting a try and let me know how you like it!


initial "wreath"

I made this wreath the first year we were married (7 years ago) to celebrate our new shared initial. I still pull it out every year during Spring so thought I'd share it.

I cut green Styrofoam into the shape of a "W" with a steak knife.  Some of the pieces fell off so I used wire and hot glue to stick it back together. Then I covered the entire thing with ivy leaves from a strand of ivy (probably from the Dollar Store) by poking a hole with the ivy's stem, pulling it out, filling the hole with hot glue and replacing the piece of ivy. I made sure all the leaves were pointing the same direction (up). Then I glued on some green berries. Pretty simple, but it's stood the test of time.


ten on ten

I've never participated in anything like this before, but when I read on Ashley Ann's blog about A bit of Sunshine's ten on ten, it sounded like fun. After all, I did take today off from work in honor of my birthday (tomorrow) so I could spend time with my little boy! So here we go!
letting the dog out this morning--apparently he likes sniffing flowers

my view outside my kitchen desk window

more sniffing around
coloring at the library
mother goose at the library

naptime felting

started to rain :) love it!

naptime photo uploading

church fundraiser at chick fil-a. my son reading my friend's daughter a book, upside down.
note on my car at chick fil-a saying I had a nail in my tire. trip to costco to get it fixed--an hour and a half later, it was!
And that was my absolutely fabulous day--even with the nail in the tire. Wish every day could be like this!

Thank you Rebekah for hosting a fun link up party!


new and improved craft corner

Remember this?
It's now this:
I bought a $20 set of table and 2 chairs at Ikea and painted and applied several coats of polyurethane them before assembly.
This is what it would have looked like if I had not painted it.
Then I used the same wrapping paper covered board to lay on top of it. The table has a little lip on the edge--presumably to keep crayon from escaping. It looks like it would be uncomfortable to write on and the board provides a few more inches of surface area, so I kept it.
My son asked me to draw our family. He had so much fun with them after I cut them out. He moved his little family all over the magnet board (really a metal door which has access to the attic). Who knew a little boy would have so much fun with essentially paper dolls!?

 He helped by drawing on them...then later scribbling out all the faces! :)

 He is getting lots of use out of his craft corner. He mostly draws, but also plays with his felts (that jar on his desk has all the bits of felts that get left over from projects) and other projects.

I got a big ol' roll of paper from Ikea so he has a large surface on which to color. I also picked up the wooden base from which you can pull the paper from, but it takes up too much room on his desk, so I just keep it on the closet. I needed a way to keep the paper from unrolling, so I used my handy dandy tights, turned hair bands, turned paper-unroller.

I learned this trick many years ago: Cut up an old pair of tights or nylons to use as hair bands. You can get a ton of them out of one leg-they are free if you have an old pair with a run in it laying around (and who doesn't?) and they are gentler on your hair. I keep one on my wrist at all times in case I need to break out the pony tail! Try it!

Anyhow, I used 2 of them to secure the paper on the roll. It will not crease like a rubber band and it keeps it nice and rolled up!


fox duvet

My sweet Mom (Grammy) made this duvet cover for our son for Christmas and I am just getting around to sharing it. I gave her the fox design and she enlarged it (by hand) and appliqued it on the flannel. She used one of our old T-shirt knit sheets as the backing so it would be extra cozy.

Isn't it awesome?! She made it to fit a down throw that we had. It is so warm and cuddly.

Yes, those are bite marks on the crib. When he was in his biting-mode we covered the railings with a dark brown fleece. This seemed to stop it, but not before the damage occurred. The rubbing marks are just from him laying against the rails I guess. This is a convertible crib, so I think the mattress will cover those marks once it turns into a full sized bed.
Our son just loves his fox duvet!
And he still sleeps with his sheepie pillows every night (now that he is allowed to have pillows). He wants to make sure he has "big sheepie" and "little sheepie" before he lays down most night.