fox duvet

My sweet Mom (Grammy) made this duvet cover for our son for Christmas and I am just getting around to sharing it. I gave her the fox design and she enlarged it (by hand) and appliqued it on the flannel. She used one of our old T-shirt knit sheets as the backing so it would be extra cozy.

Isn't it awesome?! She made it to fit a down throw that we had. It is so warm and cuddly.

Yes, those are bite marks on the crib. When he was in his biting-mode we covered the railings with a dark brown fleece. This seemed to stop it, but not before the damage occurred. The rubbing marks are just from him laying against the rails I guess. This is a convertible crib, so I think the mattress will cover those marks once it turns into a full sized bed.
Our son just loves his fox duvet!
And he still sleeps with his sheepie pillows every night (now that he is allowed to have pillows). He wants to make sure he has "big sheepie" and "little sheepie" before he lays down most night.

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