valentines for our preschooler

Mer Mag came up with this awesome Valentine last year and I've been thinking about it ever since and am excited to be able to have our 3 year old pass them out at preschool this year. I started making them in stages a few weeks ago since I have much more limited time now with an 3 yo and a newborn. I still need to sew on the heart eye patches and candy (need to buy the candy first though!)

I'm keeping all the pieces in this jar because a certain 3 yo likes to play with them!

photos taken my my phone, hence the poor(er than usual) quality


heart garland

Heart garland for Valentine's Day
This is a gift for a friend of mine who's birthday is in January.

 It is made from pre-strung pearl beads with felt hearts hot glued on each side of the beaded string. Simple and fun to make and it makes quite a colorful statement. I added a loop on each end for ease of hanging (which you can see below).

And YES, our baby is here! He was born last week and is such a wonderful addition to our family! Love him!!!


Re-do of fox wreath for Valentine's Day

One last post before I head off to meet our son for the first time. I'm having a c-section early tomorrow morning. I had to get this Valentine's Day wreath done before the big day though since who knows what life will have in store for me once I have 2 little boys to care for. eeks!

 I made a little heart pillow for Mr. Fox to hold as well. It fit just perfectly in his little paws so I did not have to pin or glue it on so that for the next holiday (St. Patty's Day?) the wreath can transform once again.
I had to take the photo with the door open at night because when I went to turn on our porch light I discovered it was burned out and of course when I had time to finish it and take a photo of it, it was dark. Of course.

Anyhow, I ran around today doing errands because I knew I would not be up to leaving the house for a while and when I got home I plunked down for a few minutes and redid my fox Thanksgiving turned Christmas, now turned Valentine's Day wreath. I first saw it one pinterest which led me to this site, which did not have a source linked to it.
What clever person made this (below)?
I want to know.
valentine wreath Idea