valentines for our preschooler

Mer Mag came up with this awesome Valentine last year and I've been thinking about it ever since and am excited to be able to have our 3 year old pass them out at preschool this year. I started making them in stages a few weeks ago since I have much more limited time now with an 3 yo and a newborn. I still need to sew on the heart eye patches and candy (need to buy the candy first though!)

I'm keeping all the pieces in this jar because a certain 3 yo likes to play with them!

photos taken my my phone, hence the poor(er than usual) quality


  1. I'm downloading those!!!!!!! Thanks April! (And when do you ever find time to even sew a 2" straight line, with a new baby???) :)

  2. This is a great idea!! And I bet those little bits and bobs are just PERFECT for a little one to play with!!



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