bad dog!

So, sometimes our good dog ...
...can be a bad dog... (doesn't he look hard-core here?)
Well, since we used to (pre-baby) allow Gimli to chew up stuffed toys that we bought specifically for him, he thought he would take the opportunity to chew up baby's stuffed doggie (actually, I think it really is a dog toy, but it was like 3 bucks at TJ Maxx and I thought it was cute--for baby--not for doggie). Anyhow, the other day, stuffed doggie turned up looking like this...
(I apologize for the photos...I seem to only have time to take photos and blog after baby is in bed and thus the lighting is not beautiful).
Here you can even see the blood from Gimli's mouth...eeweww
Puncture wound
So stuffed doggie gained a name ---can you guess??? it is real original....
Meet "Patches!"
He also got some embroidered eyes, which I thought I'd eventually get around to someday. "Stuffed white doggie" had no eyes!
Oh, how embarassing for Patches! Crotch out there for everyone to see!
Welcome to our home Patches! Sorry Gimli bit you all up, but LOOK now you have EYES!
Therefore, if YOU have a good dog who is sometimes a bad dog and chews up you children's toys.. don't trash 'em,just patch 'em up!
Did you happen to notice all the mileage I am getting out of hubby's shirts? If you missed it, click here and  here.


  1. Oh Gimli! Sounds like something Bailey would do. :o) In fact...that's how Barney the Dinosaur was laid to rest. And Hannah's singing chicken.

    I LOVE the patches though. Much more cute!! Maybe Gimli was just encouraging you to get crafty!

  2. YAAA GILMI!!! Welcome to the Bad Grey Dog Club!! Fog thinks that you are so lucky to have a baby of your very own. They have the coolest stuff! Cherrios, stuffed animals. And they often drop food. Your Mummers is very clever at fixing your "mistakes". Please visit Fog's website to meet some other Bad Grey Dogs! http://www.foggytales.com/bad_boy_stuff.htm


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