I am digging through my photo archives and finding a bunch of crafting I did several years ago. This little project is displayed on my favorite chair-my toile glider that Matt bought me before we even were thinking of having children. I loved it then and I love it now for rocking my sweet one every day.
Anyhow, this photo was from 2006. I have made a few of these "port-a-naps" for my friends' children over the years. Basically, the "port-a-nap" (snappy name that hubby came up with!) is a quilt (meaning two pieces of fabric with batting in between and stitched in intervals with embroidery floss, since I am not a quilter. Stayed tuned for another post where I attempt quilting and prove this fact!), and a pillow with a cute matching pillow case. The quilt and pillow are bundled up with a co-ordinating ribbon with a snap so the child (or parent)can carry them together over their shoulder. I think I need to make some more of these!

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