Michael's $ bin

I scored at Michael's last weekend! First of all, I had been given 2 Michael's gift cards for my birthday last week and I went to Michael's with no plans about what I should get. I just wanted to get whatever struck my fancy. All of the below were from the dollar bins and either one or two dollars each! So exciting! I got several other things too, but the below things were very exciting to me!
Green polka dot packing tape! I didn't realize until I got it home that it matches my craft nest peg board!!!

I needed some toys for our son to play with on the air plane when we travel cross country. Requirements: small, lightweight, quiet and hopefully time-consuming! Michael's had plenty of toys for $1-2! I realize of course that I could have made the thread through trucks, but for one buck! It is not worth the time!

And a magna-doodle for $1!!! It's not the best quality, but again, for one buck...!? (I realize now that i forgot the "y" on voyage! oh well!) The green half circle is a turtle where kids can stick little self-adhesive foam "tiles" on the turtle's shell and stick the head, legs, and tail on the shell. I'm not sure if an 18 month old will get the big picture, but it will be fun and take some time. And look, it all fits in the shirt sleeve drawstring bag from last week! Another travel related accessory. I have been trying to figure out how to travel with a sippy cup of milk and keep it cold without having to lug around a insulated lunch box. This is an insulated water bottle holder with strap in white canvas. Not sure how to decorate it yet, any ideas???

Get yourself to Michael's!!!


  1. Ooooh, score! Hannah loves Magna Doodles. What is the outside of the bag made of???


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