more birds

I guess the my craft nest is making me bird brained! Here is a ridiculously easy project. Remember when I covered a Dollar Store bird with pages from the thesaurus? Well, while I was there I picked up 2 little ceramic birdies. Pretty okay as they are I guess... ..but better with paint right?
but not glossy like I envisioned, plus the brush stroke were showing.

So I spray painted one high high gloss white, which was sitting in the garage and the other satin magenta which was left over from my pink peg board.
Now they are 2 little love birds sitting on my mantle.

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  1. April, I love your craft nest- it is so charming and warm- it is a delightful place to visit. Thank you for posting! I will be back again to see what you have been making. Do you ever visit Etsy? It is an online site for artisans to sell their work, and it ws very inspiring
    XO Gail & Fog


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