never have a wet bum again!

Did that catch your attention? Well, that's the goal of this project! No more wet bums!
With the warm weather comes picnics! I have had this idea bouncing around in my head for a long time and even had bought the stuff to make it, but didn't have time to put it together. Finally, though, I was able to!

I wanted a picnic blanket that would prevent a damp bum if the sprinklers happen to have been on the night before. I am sure I am not the only one who this has happened to, right?

I decided to use a flannel backed table cloth ($4 at WalMart) as the "wet bum protector" and a thrift store sheet ($1.50) as the side to sit upon. I did not take any photos of the process, since it is pretty self explanatory. I laid the table cloth down on top of the sheet and pinned around it (right sides together). Then I cut off the excess, and sewed around the edges leaving an opening to turn it. After turning it right side out, I machine stitched the opening shut and then ran around the edges again with the machine to keep the edges from rolling in. I think it turned out satisfactorily and used it this weekend at our church picnic! Again, I did not take photos...having too much fun to remember!
Picnic in the backyard with a bowl full of cherries! Aaaahhh summertime (although I loathe the heat, summer does have its bonuses).
When you're done, roll it up and use a shoestring or ribbon to make a carrying handle.

p.s. If anyone out there in blogland wants to make this, I've seen some WAY cute oilcloth/flannel backed table clothes at Ross and TJ Maxx lately for around $5! Wish I had gone there first!!! If you do make one, please send me a photo!  

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  1. looks adorable!! I have one I bought at Target but it isn't that cute!


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