pregnancy body pillow

Hello there. I have enough energy to post this because the project was already done! Hurrah! It is also 7am and I tend to feel better in the mornings.

I made this body pillow during my first pregnancy because my store bought one got tossed in one of our moves. Instead of using one long pillow form, I used two regular size pillows. As it turns out, I prefer the 2 pillow method better--more comfortable and "bend-y". Added bonus, since I don't normally use a body pillow, I don't have to store the bulky thing.

I adapted the closure method. Typically there is a zipper on one of the long sides. I opted out of this for one major reason: I don't do zippers. As luck would have it, I prefer my method of closure better anyway. I did not like the zipper side touching me and with this new method, I don't have this problem. I used the same fabric and made two ties to attach to the open pocket of the body pillow cover.

Is it just me, or is really hard to sleep on your left side all during pregnancy? My left arm gets all cramped up and I need to mix it up!

And since these photos are pretty bad and boring at that, I will leave you with a photo of our child labor program. :)

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