flash card decor

 I found these amazing animal flash cards in the dollar bins at Target a while ago, I fell in love with the gorgeous photography of the animals. Each card describes an action the animals does (i.e. Dogs beg, hippopotamuses chomp, fish swish, etc). They also had animals sounds flash cards, but since my son already knows the sounds, I felt this was more age-appropriate.

 All I did was use teeny tiny clothes pins and pinned them to an orange pom pom strand (from the 70's that my mom gave me a while ago. SCORE!). I teetered a little on the stool and rocking chair while I hung the banner and had a scary moment. I probably should not be teetering on anything with a belly as big as mine,  but that was the hardest part of this "project" (well, I can't really call it a project).

I took down my son's flying pig painting with glittered wings that I made 15 years ago to put this banner. It was probably about time!

This is the view my son has from his bed. I hope he will spend many hours looking at these beautiful animals.
Try to ignore the Ranger flag-that is the husband's contribution to the room decor. At least it is graphic and kind of modern!

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