fox cushion

I made this for our 4 old son for Christmas this past year and I totally forgot to post about it. So here it is 3 months later. I used the fabric that I bought in IKEA's as-is section. It was a slipcover for a chair. A nice heavyweight canvas. I printed a picture that I got off of the internet years ago ( sorry I can't link or give credit to it since I don't remember where I got it. Feel free to let me know if you know. ) on to transfer paper and just ironed it on to the fabric cut around it leaving a couple inch margin and sewed it up. I filled it with regular ol' polyfill. I think he turned out pretty nifty.
The 1 thing that always happens with transfer paper for me is that it turns out with a green tinge. I'm really not sure why it does that, but it turned out fine anyway. Have a great Sunday!

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