love mobile

Yup, it's another bird mobile, but with a little twist- a love mobile! The little heart is just two pieces of fabric, sewed together, stuffed with filling and sewed up (like the birds, but without the blanket stitch). It is hanging from invisible thread like it is floating over the birdies' heads.
The eye is a french knot.
I've been experimenting with different ways to hang the mobiles. So far, this is my favorite:
I use an old ring (in this case an old jelly ring-remember those?) and invisible thread. Each branch is different, so it takes experimentation to devise the perfect balance. Basically, I take very long piece of invisible thread  and knot it around the bottom branch and work my way up winding it around strategically at certain points, balancing as I go. Then at the top of the mobile, I take the ring wind the thread around it, tie a knot, and work my way down the other side as described above and tie it off. Make sense?
If you make your own, make sure to send a photo or link!

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