photo hook board

I LOVE hooks! I would hang everything on a hook if I could. I love easy access to my stuff and I like to see it so I don't forget I have it. So when I saw Sweet Daisy Designs'  Photo Key Holder, I knew I would be making one soon. I actually made this one over a month ago, just haven't found time to post.

I had Lowe's cut my wood down to size after I bought these cute little 5"x5"canvases at Michael's to make sure I knew the canvases would all fit since I wasn't sure I would be able to find the right size canvases. I painted right over the darling little anchor (Michael's had the most adorable nautical themed canvases...hhmmm..I keep writing "canvases"!) Then I watered down acrylic black paint and painted the wood. Before it dried, I wiped off most of the paint so the grain would show through. This must be done in stages so the paint does not dry too fast, especially if you are outside, like I was.

 Next came "aging" the edges of the painted canvases with an ink pad (I had never done this before...I'm still deciding if I like it, although it doesn't matter now, it's done and it's staying up!) Then I Mod Podged the  photos on the canvases.
I wish I had a Cricut or Silhouette cutter, but sadly, I do not, so I decided not to risk free handing or stenciling letter. Plus I convinced myself I prefer it plain.

I bought the hooks already on a black backboard at TJ Maxx for only $7.99 which was cheaper than buying each hook individually at the home improvement store. I just hammered some nails in the board to hang the hooks--easy-peasy! I also nailed some little nails to hang the canvases. Sweet Daisy's idea of gluing them may be better, but I am impatient and I did not read her directions all that closely and also gluing takes time to dry and a nail does not!

These photos remind me that i realllllllyyyy want to paint our walls! blaaaaahhh!

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  1. I LOVE it! Yours turned out great! Thanks for letting me know- I'm so excited you shared it with me! Love the blue and your hooks are super cute!


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