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If you have not tried needle felting, you simply must! It is so gratifying and fun. Plus you hardly need anything to start. You only need wool batting , a felting needle , a piece of foam and some random bits of felt in whatever color you want as accents.

Licorice Tree, where I bought my wool, sent me a free felting needle, and the foam I use came from my son's couch his Grammy made him. And of course, I have tons of felt bits.

I love crafts that do not take a lot of expensive materials and supplies. What if you don't like it after you try it? But don't worry, your small investment for wool felting won't go to waste. I think you'll like it.
I made another owl mobile for a baby shower this weekend and I got the itch to felt some more. I did not know what I was going to make when I started, but it turned into a bunny. Below is the bunny in progress.
For some reason the bunny seemed to need a diaper and needed to be swinging away on a swing. As you may recall, I love hanging things...buntings, garlands, mobiles, hooks for bags, scarves, jackets...it really gets my motor running!

I used a colored craft stick aka tongue depressor. I cut it to the size I wanted (to fit the bunny's bum) with a razor blade and then poked a hole on each side with a thick needle. It did split the wood a little, but it since the bunny is so light weight, it does not matter.
 Run a piece of embroidery floss with a needle through each hole.
 And knot it on the bottom of the swing on each side.
 Since there are so many felting videos and tutorials I won't reinvent the wheel. Basically you just start sticking a needle in wool and create whatever shape you want.

This little bunny got a felt diaper. I free handed a diaper and cut it out and fit it on the bunny. Then I sewed little "x's" on each corner to secure the diaper.
 A little boy wanted to play with the bunny.
 Stick a little dot of hot glue on the seat of the swing and set the bunny on top.
 Hang it from a tack or hook in the ceiling.
 Here is that same cute little boy checking out the swinging bunny over his craft corner. I love how sunny this room is in the morning and how the blue walls and the yellow diaper are so cheery together.

So fun!
A few more felted animals will show up here on the blog soon.
 I'd love to see your creations if you decide to start needle felting.

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  1. How cute is that bunny on a swing! and that lovely little craft area, I love how you have painted and decorated the table and chairs so sweet :)


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