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Has everyone seen all those amazing coffee filter wreaths (and poofs) out in blogland?! I love them. Here are a few that I dig: parlour home, jones design company, the pleasures of homemaking. There are many more.

And here's my take on it for the big ol'  heart day!

Here's a little tutorial on how I did it.
Fold up the coffee filters in 4ths and cut off the tip. I did this in multiples of 3-5 to make it go faster. It took the whole 200 filters in the pack! Sit down in front of a good movie or show for this!
The first few photos were taken at night, hence the poor quaility. 
You will get this:
Start hot gluing the folded )in 4ths) filters down on a piece of cardboard cut into a heart shape (I had two thin sheets of cardboard that I hot glued together to make it sturdier.) You could also spray paint it white, but I did not bother. Mine is about 16" tall.
 Feel free to give it a trim after all the filters are on so they are all uniform and even.

After ALL your 200 or so filters are secured, add a band around the edge to give it a nice finished look and also to give it more definition as a heart shape. I wanted to use wide pink satin ribbon, but alas, I had none and did not have time this week to go to the fabric store. So I improvised. I ripped a 3" strip of pink patterned fabric. I did not even bother to hem it. I decided I like the rough edge.

Start at the top edge of the filters and run a bead of hot glue for a few inches and carefully lay the strip (or ribbon) on top. You want some overhang of fabric on the back.

After you go all the way around, on the top edge, turn the heart over and secure the fabric (ribbon) on the back. It will bunch in certain areas, just smooth it out the best you can.

Make sure that your points are defined by tightening them up with (by hot gluing it down) a bone folder or toothpick, like so.  Not pictured: at the ends of the long strip of fabric (mine were at the bottom tip, fold the fabric over, like a hem and hot glue)

I added a strip of fabric as a hanger. I ran a straight stitch along both sides for the hanger piece, as you can see below.  I added a felt flower with hot glue to the top to hide the nail.
Voila! It's done! 200 coffee filters later! (get the cheap kind!)
 The best part? Except for the filters, which were only a few dollars, this project was free! I had everything else on hand!

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