baby dolls

These little baby dolls are made from a left over pillowcase that I made into a baby blanket for a friend at work. I loved the pattern and kept the doubled over edge of the pillow case "just in case." It turned out to be the perfect fit as a baby doll body. I made one for my son (kind of in preparation for his baby brother and he must have picked up on that because he sleeps with him every night now and even called him his "baby brother." Cuteness! Oh yeah, did I ever mention we are having another boy? I can't remember...pregnancy brain again!
 My little baby (almost 3 years old!) said that the baby girl was "too shaky" and threw her out of his bed. He does not like her "shaky" hair. The little shaky girl is finding a new home with a friend's daughter. (To tell the truth, I originally made it for her, but then my son said he wanted it, and I thought I'd just made another one for the little girl!).
 In the end it all worked out!
The hair is yarn I used for my son's hobby horse. I knotted the yarn in the middle and stitched it on with regular thread.  The faces were made from scraps of fabric (cut into a circle and gathered into a ball) I already had and I embroidered the faces (French knots for the eyes, straight stitches for the nose and mouths). I love simple, fun projects!

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