flower and bead necklace

Have you seen that fabric with flowers all over it? I can't seem to quickly find an example on the web, (whenever I search, just floral fabrics come up) but my sister-in-law in getting married and her daughter's (our niece) dress is made with an overlay of this flowered fabric. I was making a little pin for the flower girl out of the black flowers and had a few extra flowers to play with. A friend at work was wearing a super cute Anthropologie necklace that inspired this one. I can't find it on the website now, but the "chain" was made from a strip of sheer fabric. I had a scarf from my days as a hostess (my first job) so I cut one up and came up with this:

The beads are from a beloved necklace that broke. I sewed them on between some knots I tied as I could not string them on with a needle (too thick). I knotted some other random places and even sewed back back forth in a few other places. I like the asymmetry of it. I also love that it is lightweight because I cannot stand heavy stuff around my neck, especially during pregnancy!

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  1. Oh, I don't know what's cuter...the necklace or that belly! They're both adorable!


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