quick thanksgiving door/wall decor

Here is a quick idea for a last minute Thanksgiving decoration. I had this awesome round frame I got at the thrift store a while back. I've been wanting to spray it white and add it to my gallery wall, but with being pregnant, I've been hesitant to spray paint much and it's been sitting around.
Sooooo, it became a turkey frame. All it took to make was the frame, a scrap of burlap, felt (use any colors that please you for feathers), hot glue and some letter stickers. I used hot glue to keep the stickers in place on the burlap. If you did not have stickers, a little pennant banner of paper would look cute across the top too.

And there you go! Easy, fun, cute and quick. AND I can still use the frame for other things when the time comes. I'll just pop out the turkey and store him (or her?) for next year.

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