thanksgiving fox door wreath

 I can't have a holiday pass me by without a wreath or some kind of door decor. I've been using a puny little Thanksgiving wreath for many years now that looks ridiculous on our larger door and figured it was time for a good sized wreath to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving.

I had burlap left over from our son's cowboy party (which I still need to post more about), so I cut some of it into strips and wrapped it around a straw wreath. Warning: straw wreaths are messy to work with! I thought I would embellish it a little more with burlap, (like this) but I liked how it looked plain. Then when a friend and I were at Michael's the other day, she showed me this adorable fox ornament and I knew that had to be a part of my wreath. 

I added a burnt edge flower in bright orange.

And added some more flowers made out of this brown fabric (which does not fray much) and some rhinestone buttons I've had for many years.

With a wide satin ribbon to finish it off, I was ready to hang it on the front door. Now I see I should have ironed the ribbon first, but oh well! It's more natural, right?

I stuck everything on with T-pins except for the fox, which I hot glued on so that I can change it into a Christmas wreath when December rolls around. I love being able to re-use stuff!

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