burnt edge flowers

These may be my favorite flowers to make yet!  The very talented Emily of Jones Design Company made these as corsages for her adorable family. (She must be extra talented to get her boys and hubby to wear matching flowers!) I fell in love and got right on to making a bunch...and I have a feeling they will show up in many more creations!

I started with a corsage which I turned into a headband. I did not take a photo, but I used regular pin backs and slid the closed pin over an existing plastic headband so that I can choose the color of headband I want to use, but still have the pin to use as a corsage. You can barely see the headband in the photo below, but I promise it's there!
Then I made one for a hat for a sweet baby girl.
And a more permanent headband. I first sewed it onto the headband.
Then hot glued a piece of felt over the sewn part to make it comfy on the head,
 and tada!
Fun! Make sure to check out Emily's tutorial and make your own! I'd love to see what you do with your burnt edge flowers!

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  1. cute cute! It's a simple and fun project with such great results. Thanks for the link!


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