money cuff

I was trying very hard to come up with a birthday idea for my niece who was turning 13 years old this month. The best thing I could come up with?
Money. Cold hard cash.
What 13 year old does not want money?
But money seems so impersonal, so I wanted something more. Then I remembered a tutorial for a money cuff and I knew that was it! This way she can take her lunch money with her to school, or like I used to do, take a lunch and buy ice cream after school at our favorite ice cream parlour!

I did not follow the tutorial because, well, it looked too darn complicated, so I made it up on my own. Much easier (for me at least)! If you want to see that tutorial and have more patience than I do to follow directions (not to say these are not great directions, they are! I think the zipper just threw me. Anything to avoid a zipper!) you can go to Lemon Squeezy Home and check it out! It is a wonderful blog! (I especially liked the idea of using glue stick to hold the zipper in place! Genius! If I ever attempt a zipper I hope to remember that cool tip.)

I made it from the same geometric fabric I made print I made the sandwich and snack wraps from. I used velcro for the whole thing-sides and opening-and I turned the opening toward the arm-not facing outward.  Just looked cleaner to me and that way I could decorate it with a little fish. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of an old fish anklet that broke years ago. I think I am down to 2 now! I chose the fish because my awesome niece is a strong Christian and I wanted to represent that. I am very proud of her!
 Please try to ignore my terrible nails..that's what you get when you create a lot and do not take care of your hands!  
This is the best photo I have of our niece with her money cuff. Oops there is no money cuff in that shot..just money...and the little card and tp roll holder I made to wrap it.
Thanks to a little photographer who took this photo! Great job! You got in really close up!
I forgot to take photos of the card and the "cuff holder," but basically, I cut a tp roll down a little, wrapped it in happy birthday scrapbook paper and glued ribbon on the sides. Then the little cuff could slide right over it--pretending to be a wrist.
Hope you like it Jaz!

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