tonic living

Alright, I have to tell you that I just found the BEST most AWESOME fabric store on the web (and if you know different, please let me know)! I can spend hours looking at fabrics online but don't buy anything. In fact I have never purchased any fabric online because I can't feel it--I need to feel it--literally and figuratively.
In comes Tonic Living!!!! Again, simply awesome fabric


You can buy swatches of many of the fabrics for one buckaroo! Yup, 1 dollar! I just bought 8 swatches ($10 total with shipping). I have no idea the size of the swatch, but let me tell you- I am super excited. Can you tell?

Here are a few that I will receive soon:

Plus 4 others....Who knows what I will do with them or if I want to buy yardage to make a project? I just could not resist getting the swatches to become inspired.
Have I convinced you to check them out yet?

I'm kicking myself that I already placed my order because I am finding more that I want swatches of now. Dang!

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