spider web halloween wreath

Well it's that time of year again--the kick off to the best time of the year when the temperature finally gives us a reprieve, we get to wear sweaters and jeans and boots, we get to decorate for several wonderful holidays, we get to turn on the oven regularly again and bake, we get to snuggle into down comforters...i could go on and on.
This kick off of course is Halloween. Although it is rarely cold here in California on Halloween, at least we get a taste of what's to come and there is the scent of autumn in the air...aaaahhhhhhhhhh!

I had a dinky little wreath I made years ago on my tall front door but did not know what to replace it with. Enter Crafts & Sutch's spider wreath. Brilliant! The best part? It cost only about $7. It's a little more than Erin made hers for, but my dollar store only had 2 little bags of moss left so I had to go to Michael's and cough up $3 for a large bag (still not too bad. I actually have one of the small dollar store bags left over, so technically it cost $6, but now I have to do something with another bag of moss :)

Here is the end result, although I am still debating if I should add a big black satin bow to the top and have the end dangle behind the wreath and sign...
Here you can see our embarrassing door that we still have not painted from when we got a new lock set almost 2 years ago...super embarrassing!
And here it is with our "other" son thinking about making a get away!
I followed all of Erin's directions except I did not have black glitter, but I did have silver spray glitter, so I used that on the black spiders (and also some flies). I used regular silver glitter on the green spiders to soften the neon-ness of them. I also used some wood I had on hand which was not large enough for "Happy Halloween" so I used two and painted little bats (or birds, I guess) on them.  I used stickers for the letters and Mod Podged over the whole thing. I sprayed more glitter on the wreath, but it did not show up in the pics.
A much better fit for our large door.
I wish it was still light outside so I could take a picture with my "retro camera" app on my phone. That would look totally awesome! Maybe tomorrow I will remember to do that.
I worked on a few other lovely projects this weekend getting ready for our son's 2nd birthday next month! Really excited about them!!! Can't wait to show you!
This was the messiest project of the weekend--so it outside!


  1. Oh my goodness! That turned out too cool!!! I love it! Thanks so much for giving it a try. I'll be linking to this on my site tomorrow!

    You have made my week! :)

    Erin :)

  2. As soon as I heard "spider wreath" I googled and found Erin's! I love them both! I think the black satin bow and ribbon would be fantastic!

  3. Hey there! I showed off your craftiness over at Crafts and Sutch. Come check it out! :)


    Erin :)

  4. omgosh!! i love this idea! i was just getting my decorations out and found out my halloween wreath is broken :( sooooooooo guess what i'm going to be doing this weekend?! :) i'll post pictures when i complete the project!

  5. that's awesome gretchen! too bad we don't live closer. i found a bunch of moss in my craft nest after i went to 2 different stores to get enough for this project. good thing the project is cheap! :) make sure to do it outside!!!


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