servant of God banner

At church we'rein the middle of "The Year of Servanthood" --helping us to become better servants in our community, church and the world. I need a reminder for myself, while at work especially, that I am a servant to those I work with, so I made myself a banner. A pretty big reminder,to hang over my desk.
I used an old package (we're talking $.35 old) of iron-on bias tape, which I had never used before, as the hanging mechanism. It worked okay, but it needed some glue gun supplementation in a few spots.
Let's hope this banner will remind me daily to be a servant of God at work, at home and in the world.
Do you think I need to find another backdrop? Yeah, me too.


  1. I never thought to use bias tape for a hanging banner...that's brilliant! :) I really like it!


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