cowboy party ~ tent

Yes, I know, I've been very tardy getting the cowboy party -from October- up on the ol' blog. Here is the the tent I made for our 3 year old from CAKIES tutorial. So far he is loving it and I think he will continue to love it as it gets older. He can retreat in there to read and hide from his little brother once he comes along to terrorize him!

I stenciled the moon and stars on the sheet probably 10 plus years ago when I was single and thought it would be cool to make a duvet cover out of it---yeah not so much. Good thing I saved it thought because this was a much more fitting application.

The tent was pretty easy to make...once my husband came out to the garage and saw me struggling with the drill which I am usually adept with...I had it on reverse! Once again pregnancy brain! Ugh!

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