book page tree topper

This is our tree topper this year. We have never had luck with store bought tree toppers. They never seem to have a good way of perching on top. When I saw this at BHG, I thought I'd give it a try and tore up my old Webster's Dictionary.
 I hot glued an antique broach to the middle of a cardboard piece of paper that I covered with a book page and fine glitter. Then I hot glued silver stars to the rim of the circle.
I added some random bits of Elmer's glue on some of the pages and sprinkled more glitter on them.
I made sure that the definitions were appropriate to some extent. (for instance I decided "vomit" was not a cool word for a Christmas decoration).
I added some twisty ties to the back and my husband wrapped it around the top branch.
Our dog got in on the photo action. He gets left out of a lot of my photos now that there's a kid around!  Do you think he misses being my main photography subject?

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