thrift store finds 2

Wow! I scored some amazing stuff at the thrift store today.  I am so excited to share them with you!
I went in looking for frames for our gallery-wall-in-progress and came out with toys galore! And not a single frame.

Look at these finds! I walked out less than $30 later with all this stuff and a few other things as well.
 Mega Blocks to add to our boy's collection for $6!!!  And a working "computer" which has several spelling and alphabet functions for $2.

A full size brand new UCLA basketball for $1 and a brand new in the box mini basketball for $5. I guess they felt the package warranted it being $4 more dollars than the big one. Hmmm.

 A bowling ball set for $2.50 and a connector set for $3 for my boy who loves to build things.
A set of letter rings which both my baby and 3 year old will love. For some reason he loves to play with those baby rings and these are in the shape of letters, so he'll really love them.
And finally my favorite find! LINCOLN LOGS! Do you know how expensive they are in the stores (When you can even find them)??? Really! This set was $5.00 and worth every penny!

Looks like I am set for Easter and Birthday for my 3 year old!
I am so stoked!

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