upgraded craft nest...now...nursery

My craft nest, as you may know is in our guest room closet (which is to the left of the door where I am standing when I took the below photo). The room  is now playing triple duty as guest room, craft nest and now nursery. I've slowly been making it into a nursery for our now 5 week old. He still sleeps in our bedroom in a co-sleeper, and will remain there for some time, but it is nice to have a place for his clothes, changing pad and other baby accouterments.

I emptied out my refinished mirrored dresser from all it's craft supplies with the help of my sister-in-law and moved it over to the far wall. We moved the bed to the left corner so there would be more floor space in which to add a mini-crib that I got on Craig's list.
There were several projects in this room. The biggest was making the roman shades from the existing blinds. Now THAT was a project! My mom helped me (thank God for her!) make them from a combination of these tutorials (here and here). I won't bore or confuse you with another tutorial since there are so many readily available, however, one major tip is: just BREAK or CUT off the unused slats. DO NOT try to take them off by taking them all off the cord via the bottom of the blind by taking it all apart. If this does not make sense, it will once you start the process. After making the first large shade, I found another tutorial that said to break them and the next two smaller shades took way less time and it was way less frustrating!
The fabric is made of curtains we cut up from Ikea. My mom helped me by sewing on a black out shade the exact size of the shades before we started. One thing to mention: the needle makes holes in the blackout shade and the sun can shine through. It's not a big deal, but you want to make sure you sew a very straight line and do not back up because you can see any mistakes. Again, thank God my mom did this step!

My little turqouise needle felted bird hangs from the ceiling fan.
The other project was a simple one. I cut up a placemat also from Ikea and made a bird mobile. I used fishing line and sticks for the mobile.  This room is getting birdied-out!

So there you have it. Our triple-duty room! Not sure how it will function once the baby uses it to sleep, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

p.s. The Ikea site is not working right now, so I was unable to link to the fabric and placemats, but once it's up you can just search them.


  1. A triple-duty room? You are a champ for making it all work! It looks fantastic!

  2. April, you are so smart! I love that Ikea placement idea and may have to make one myself!!


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