bathroom art

I made these for our "kid" bathroom (we can call it that now that we have 2 kids I guess). I actually use the bathroom too because it is cozier than our master bath, but as my husband reminded me, "You won't want to be sharing a bathroom with two little boys for long!" I need to get to work on the master bath to make it cozier, and have been pinning away, but still do not have a good idea about how I want to make it work for both of us.

Anyhow, here is some art I made for the kids' bathroom. In case you like them, I included links to print your own (or just email me and I'll send you the both of them, with the edited clip art). I used Word doc clip art and changed the colors in the toothbrush to match the faucet and then tried to match those colors for the text.
brush your teeth
wash your hands
We don't get any natural light in the kids' bath except from the stairwell when the door is open, so the photos are kind of lame. They are much brighter and cheerier in person. I bought some $3.99 frames at Target with a gift card, so this art was FREE!
My favorite kind!
 I'm actually pleased with how they came out. This (and a few other projects I've been working on lately) have given me a new-found respect for people who can combine colors effortlessly. It's kinda hard!
As a last minute idea, I made the "I am a child of God" sign, based off one I've seen around the internet and Pinterest.
To give credit to the real person who created it, here is the real deal.

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