suprise easter balls

I got this idea from Martha Stewart Living magazine (here is the link though), but it is not a new idea.

Martha (well, her craft team) used cut up crepe paper, but I used the streamer kind since that's what I had. I don't know why they just didn't use the streamer kind since you have to cut it into strips anyway (why Martha?). I used felt (and googly eyes) and they used paper for the details and I skipped on the cupcake paper collar since I need to hide it before Easter and I knew it would get messed up anyway. I added a cotton tail to the bunny and a piece of wool roving  head "feathers" for the chick.

I started with a chocolate creme Cadbury egg in the middle and added some individually wrapped fruit snacks and for the chick I also added some personalized sticky notes.

The bunny is for my 3 year old son and the chick for my13 year old  niece. I'm thinking 13 years old is not too old for Easter gifts, right?

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