stress and sheep

I know I say this a lot lately, but it is has been a while since I have visited this space. It's a crazy life I lead...I am not sure when the craziness will end, but work is quickly killing me. My sanity is in craft I realize. I read an article in Whole Living magazine (which I sadly learned this week will no longer be published! So sad!) the other day and it really spoke to me. I cannot find it on the website, but it was about how crafting actually does focus, center and ground us. It is a form of stress relief. Fo sure!
Anyhow, I made another sheep pillow and needle felted sheep for a Christmas party at work and a co-worker asked if I could make more for her. At first I thought I would not have time, but then I thought about it and I realized I need to MAKE TIME for craft to keep my sanity, which is slowly getting away from me, if you did not catch that up above! Ha!
Anyway, instead of doing everything I was supposed to do today, I spent an hour needle felting by the Christmas tree with my 4 yo while my baby napped and it felt good! I did not finish anything today, but I did remember that I had made a little baby lamb for my baby lamb's first Christmas a few weeks ago so I decided to photograph him.

The photo up there is what I found in the yard when I went to photograph this little guy I made! So cool!

 Here he is hanging on the tree. love him and his little bib!
When I finish the others I will post again :) I hope to get another hour in again tomorrow. I have to remember that it is good for me and I love it. It is not just a fun thing to do...it's therapeutic! I need to keep reminding myself of that when I start to feel guilty for not cooking up a storm for the rest of the week which is what I had planned to do this weekend.

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