wool lamb

I bought some wool at the etsy shop LicoriceTree for the sheep/lamb costume I am making our son for his 2nd birthday and Halloween. Tobiah Mundi of LicoriceTree was so kind as to send me my very first felting needle.
I have been needle felting my little heart out in order to felt the sheep costume, but got kind of tired of it after the 3rd night. I read online that to felt such a large amount of wool I should have a special multi-needled tool. Oh well!).
This is 8 oz of wool, so it's taking quite a while. Not sure when I am supposed to stop, either!  I pulled out the foam from a little couch my mom made our son for Christmas last year to use as the felting foam. I have no idea if this is frowned upon in the felting community, but you use what you have, right?
 I decided that I could take a break from felting a seemingly endless stretch of wool and create little lamb friend instead.I have never done any type of felting before-wet or dry- but have been wanting to try it out. There are several good video demonstrations of felting out there. I just decided to wing it for this little lamb.
 I used toothpicks that I colored with a permanent black pen for the legs and regular recycled felt (which was all I had, but worked fantastic!) for the eyes and nose.

 It was really fun to make this little gal! Here she is rock climbing in our garden. I think I will use her as part of sheep party decor! If I were more ambitious I would make one for all the guests...maybe if I find some help that will become a reality.
In the meantime, I am loving my little lamb.


  1. OMG, she is so cute! I will help you make some, if you teach me how to make one! I want one!

  2. Awwww thanks Pati! I would love to teach you to make a little lamby for your desk!


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