super simple tp pumpkin

Today some friends and our kids went to a farm and barn tour and one of the stops had a kids' craft station. There were several cute crafts, but I thought this one takes the cake for simplicity and cuteness.
A pumpkin toilet paper cover!
 See the TP hiding in there?
 All it takes is approx 20" x 20" piece of Halloween or orange fabric, a brown (or green) pipe cleaner and a roll of TP.  Center the TP on the fabric and start tucking the ends in the cardboard core of the TP. They used a piece of brown paper bag for the stem, but I just pulled up a corner of the fabric and used the brown pipe cleaner to top it off.
 Now, I can't say I've ever been a fan of cutesy TP covers before, but I am making exception this Halloween. :)

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