ornament wreath & nativity

These ornament wreaths are all over blogland. I told myself I did not have time to make one this year, but when I saw these silver ornaments 8/$1 at Target, I could not pass it up! Plus I did need something to layer over our family room mirror, so I said heck with it! I'll do it! To add to that, the ornaments are shatter resistant! Awesome!
So while my husband hung shelves in the living room for my nativity, I put this together. SO SIMPLE! It took all over half an hour--including vacuuming up all the glitter that fell off the ornaments!

The hardest part was untwisting the hanger at the top near the hook--that took needle nose pliers. The rest was just stringing them on. On one website it suggested gluing the tops on the ornaments. I did not do that (pure laziness), but it would have been a good idea since the balls kept popping off when I was maneuvering them around the wire hanger. Now that it's hanging up, it seems a-okay!

at night time
What it takes:
39-55 ornaments (I used 38 since one was broken in the pk and I made the hanger a little smaller)
1 wire hanger
1 ribbon

That's it!!!

Here is our nativity (I received it as a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle about 15 years ago.  It's from Costco, can you believe it?). I love it!

I've never had a proper place to display it- especially now with a child who is very curious. I really wanted some Ikea shelves and I finally talked my husband into it. He even put them up for me! We bought 3 of them, but 3 looked a little heavy for the first room you see when you walk in our front door.



  1. Wow, that wreath is amazing! Well done. I wouldn't mind the glitter if that was the end result. Wonderful!

  2. I love the wreath and the hand made nativity! So beautiful!


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