silhouette tea towels gift

For Christmas this year Grandma and Papa are getting a silhouette tea towel of our son's profile. Silhouettes are all the rage and I've been meaning to create something with a silhouette, but I didn't know what. Then I figured a tea towel would be a good way to display it without it being in a frame.

You can get flour sack tea towels at Target, WalMart, fancier places like Crate and Barrel or cheaper places like the Dollar Tree. I noticed they are all pretty thin and pretty comparable in weight.

I took a photo that I already had of my son's profile (think of all those photos where you tried to get a face shot, but the kid turned their head!). Since I can never figure out my wireless printer connection and my husband was not around to fix it, I held up a piece of white paper up to my computer screen and traced by son's profile. Then I transferred that on to freezer paper and cut it out. Then I simply followed the same directions for freezer paper stenciling.  I favor dark grey over black, but bright colors like orange would look pretty cool too.

I added a band of bias tape on the bottom of one and for the other I added large black ric-rac. I'm pleased with the way they turned out.

I've made 2 more silhouettes on a blue fabric that I was going to make into pillows, now I am reconsidering. I am thinking of adding one to an apron for my mom and dad. Still not sure yet. Ideas?
I love how his little hairs stick out in the back! So stinkin' cute, that boy!


  1. Love it! The hair's sticking out in the back are my favourite part too!

  2. So cute! I saw this when you first posted it and I forgot to comment. I'm adding this under Inspirational Projects on my blog. :o)


  3. These are adorable and I'd like to make some for Mother's day this year. Did you paint the profile on the towels or is it on another piece of fabric that you sewed on? Thank you!


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