pom flower necklace

First of all,
Look what I copied from Little Miss Momma! Isn't it so cute!? We had a new member join our Christmas celebration this year--my brother's girlfriend-- and I wanted to make something special for her since it was her first Christmas with us.
The only changes I made to Little Miss Momma's tutorial were:
1. I hot glued (I'm making a 2nd one now and I am using a cool-not hot- glue gun and it works even better--no burnt fingers!) all the flowers on a piece of felt for the backing instead of having a few separate pieces.
2. I used a necklace chain I already had. After shortening it (cut it with a wire cutter), I sandwiched the necklace between the circles of felt and the backing felt. Worked like a charm!
3. I was not looking at the photos of Little Miss Momma's necklace when I made mine and mine turned out a little fuller. I think I used 12-15 circles for each flower. I actually like both ways equally well.

I just noticed I am wearing a grey striped shirt like Ashley...that was a total coincidence. I wasn't even planing on photographing the necklace the day I wore this shirt, but then I realized I needed to actually wrap the present, so I needed to take photos of it first!
I like it! Thank you Ashley!
p.s. I totally think the low heat glue gun is the way to go...I burnt my thumbs super bad while making this necklace and had to ice them all night before the intense pain went away. In all my 20+ years of glue gunning I had never burnt myself like that before and I don't wish it on anyone! So lesson learned, use the low heat for project like this!

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  1. LOVE how it turned out! It looks like we used the EXACT same fabric. You made your flowers smaller and fuller than mine and I think they look fabulous :) thanks for sharing!

    happy new year!



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