craft corner for the kiddo

When my son is with me in the craft nest, he inevitably whines to sit on my lap to see what I'm "making"--that's what is calls crafting "making." I love it! I even sometimes have to put away the folding chair I sit on at my desk and stand just so i don't have a child on my lap while trying to "make."
So I thought a little craft corner was in order. I have this little corner next to the closet which is my "craft nest" which I was using to put my sewing machine case. I found room for it in the closest-hurrah! (that was actually the hardest part-where to put that box?).

 This is where the kiddo had to craft before--a cut up cardboard box on the floor. He deserves better than that, dontcha think? So I tried my hand at the circular saw and cut down some extra pressed wood board the hubs had used to create a shelf under my computer desk in the kitchen (where I blog) to house all the wires---it's awesome! I should blog about it!
(yeah, i may need some practice with that saw--pretty good for the first time and no instructions though, right?)
So this is what it looked like for a few days. I covered the wood with some brown craft wrapping paper. It had this paisley design on it. I could have turned it over now that I think about it. I wanted to use what I had on hand, so a diaper box it was! I can use it for extra storage. In the photos below you'll see I covered it in brown craft paper.

 Here's my little man checking it out and "making." Oh and yes, he picked out his outfit-camo baby legs, cars socks,striped undies and Halloween shirt to boot!
 This is what it looked like today...I LOVE that he creates! That's a b-day card in the middle for Daddy in the making.
 The two glass jars are empty Adam's peanut better jars. I spray painted the lids lime green.
 Here is is a little cleaned up.
 The pooch has to get in on the action. I think he actually misses getting his photo taken all the time now that the human baby gets all the photo ops.
 The pillows can be used to a "chair" but the kiddo likes to stand (maybe he doesn't want me to sit on his lap! hehe!)
 This pillow cover I found at Goodwill for a few bucks with the tag still on! It is from Pottery Barn Kids and the # is perfect- the kiddo's b-day!  I thought I would include it because it's a great idea to make a pillow cover with a special number on it to celebrate a special day!

My FAVORITE part of the whole thing--my wonderful son can create and let his imagination run wild!
This is a work in progress, so it will change over time and become even more special (and hopefully permanent).

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  1. I cann't believe you found a pillow cover with his birthday # on it! AMAZING. My mom found a pink embroidered pillow at TJ Maxx that says Hannah. Love those great finds! :)


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