felt heart for valentine's day

I made this little felt flower heart door hanger for a friend's birthday this past week. Here's a quick tutorial.
It's made from:
*white cardboard cut into a heart shape (I had some left over matte board, but you could use a breakfast cereal box)
*pink felt (I used 3 sheets of $0.35 acrylic felt). Of course you can use wool felt too.
*patterned ribbon
*glue gun
*needle and thread (optional)
 I made the felt flowers pretty much like this (with a few insignificant changes). Although I first learned them from another blog, I cannot for the life of me find the source.  
Tip: Start from the outer-most part of the spiral. It will look more "flower-like" and pretty. You can see I tested out both methods below (starting from the inside and the outside). The ones that are tighter start from the inside and the ones that are looser start from the outside. I prefer looser, but whatever floats your boat!
Oh yes, another tip: Sew or glue the flowers?  I sewed some (so I could lay in bed and watch TV) and hot glued some. You can do either way. Again, whatever tickles your pickle (so to speak). If you want to lay in bed and not get hot glue on your sheets, sewing is the way to go!
After you have all your flowers made, hot glue them close together on your heart shaped cardboard. Make sure there are no gaps. I think I had about 30 flowers at the end. Just squish 'em on there. I worked from the outside in--made a border and then filled in the rest.

Next, hot glue the ribbon on all around the heart (sorry all the pics I took of this were horrid, so I left them out). Start at the top and work your way around. When you get to the starting point again fold over the ribbon a bit and dab a bit of glue to hold it (like a hem) and then glue the rest of it down.

Lastly, Hot glue another piece of ribbon on the back in two places for a hanger.

There are lots of places to hang it...it does not have to go on a door.
Husband has still not had time to install a photo editor on my new computer, so still not able to crop or otherwise edit (let's face it, cropping's about all I know how to do anyway). I think I may try out an online photo editing program--I hear there are a few good ones? If you know of a good one, please let me know!


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