thrift store finds

I thought it would be fun to share some of the goodies I find at thrift stores. I went to a lot this week--during my lunches and even today! So fun!

This loot is from a local thrift store that we went to today:
 Wooden Elephant $0.75
~ needs a new paint job-I'm thinking glossy gray-he's kind of gray-blue now~
 Phone my son would not put down: $2.00. I usually never give in, but he had been a really good sport during a lot of stops, so he deserved a treat.
~needs a clean up and sanitization. I totally sanitized his hands as soon as we got out of the store~
 Looks like a good read: $0.25
~needs a wipe down-I wipe down all my used books with a sanitizing wipe 'cause I'm weird like that~
pup had to be a part of sniffing everything
an adorable tiny brown leather purse: $1.00!
~also needs a good clean up and sanitize~

The other day I bought a few things at Goodwill.

I bought some fabric for someone else and also this picture: $12.00 (possibly my most expensive thrift store purchase to date!)
I bought it purely for the frame and I did not even look at the actual artwork until taking a photo of it today. I had no idea it was of a bar room! Funny!
~needs a new coat of paint (grey, black, white?) and new art work~

At another local thrift shop I bought this sweater: $2.00
~the plan was to felt it to make some sweet Valentine's birdies, but I don't know that I'll be able to do that to such a sweet sweater~
I'm mean, look at those flowers?

I also bought this scarf: $1.00.
 ~I have no idea why, but something told me not to pass it up, so I listened~

Oh yes, I also bought the cutest little 3T sweater for my son and several books for him. The sweater is in the wash and the books are in his room where he's napping so I'm not messin' with that to get pics! ;)

So that's my thrift store round up this week. The next time I score at the thrift store, I'll post again.

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  1. April, I LOVE thrift store shopping! It's one of my favorite things. My husband loves to do that too!


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