the country bunny

This is a book I've had since childhood. I did not recall any fond memories reading  it, so I was not totally  heartbroken when my son ripped it up.
 I made lemonade with lemons and made some Easter art!

 There were about 4 ripped pages and a missing page or two.

 Not a great photo, but you get the idea of scale. The frames were $1 each in the clearance section of Ikea. I got 4 of them, but only used three for this.
 As you can see, once I arranged them pictures on the mantle, I changed the orientation of one of them to horizontal. It looked better that way.


  1. you are one good, and clever mama! love, LOVE how they turned out. i have a few books my baby has gotten his hands on I'm going to have a new look at.

  2. You have created something wonderful from your book I love your easter pictures.

  3. April, thank you so very much for helping us bring Sergey home! Your gift is a blessing to us:) God bless!


  4. Such a great idea and I LOVE the old timey bunny pictures! So cute!


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