easter creatures and wheat grass

Day 5
 Who knew it would be so hard to find wheat grass seeds. I went to 2 stores and called 3 others. My mom called at least 4 stores and finally found the seeds at a health food store. geeez! I was so glad when she found them and brought them to me so that my little son and I could plant the grass and watch it grow.
Day 8
 I thought the wheat grass was the perfect setting my newest little Easter friends. Meet Peep.
 Here is Peep, with her siblings Cheep, and Cheepie.  Cheepie was adopted by a friend today.
Day 9
 And here's the Easter bunny!
 and his little cotton tail
 So pretty with the sun's rays shining through the blades.
 By the way, I dyed the chicks' wool yellow using KOOL-AID! My aunt told me about this so I was so excited to try it out. I plunged the wool in warm water then in another bowl heated water in the microwave until it boiled and poured the lemonade flavored kool-aid in it. Then I stuck the wool into the kool-aid mixture bowl and microwaved it for 2 minutes, let it cool for 2 minutes and then microwaved it for 1 minute. I combined several methods I found on the web. I suggest only doing this if you plan on needle felting the wool. If you want to dye wool yarn, there are special tutorials on that. I wouldn't want you to wet felt your wool, even a little, if you weren't wanting that!

The photo below does not show the true color of the yellow wool. The chicks are a better representation on the color.
And just for fun...look what I woke up to the other morning! So cool! The mirror across from our coat closet reflected my son's silhouette on the door.
Here are the (extremely embarrassingly dirty) mirrors.


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