towel rug

I have been keeping around some old holey bath towels for over a year in hopes of making a rug from them, but could not figure out how to accomplish a nice looking rug with a crappy looking towel. That was until Sparkle Power! came to my rescue.
Sparkle Power
 She made a rug with the towel inside of a covering! Now why did I not think of that? I love the internet and blogs (when they are not a time-suck and give me brilliant ideas, of course).
I have to admit, I love Candace's binding, but I was in too much of a hurry to learn that new skill. I needed it done in a hour,when my son would wake up from napping. Plus I had about a billion other things I needed to speed through during his nap. This is my version.

Sooooooo, I used a pillow case (we upgraded to a king mattress and therefore king pillows a while ago so this pillow case, which I love, was not to be used again on our bed. And I did not think my son would want it in his bed) to cover a double layer thickness of towel (trimmed to size).

Next, stuff it in to the pillow case. Cut off the excess of the pillow case, and sew it shut.
Then run a stitch 3 inches around the perimeter. I won't lie and say that was easy with all that towel in there. My machine struggled and I had to get it back on track a few times, but the ol' machine got through it and I gave it a pat on the back when it was done!

 A cushy place to land after getting clean.

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  1. Saw your comment Candice's blog and had to check it out. It looks great - such a good way to repurpose!


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