birdie valentines

I found these sweet little birdie valentines on here on Ms. Delightful's blog and decided to make a bunch of them for my family and co-workers. They were very simple to make once I free handed a few bird templates and bent all the paperclips so that they stood up. I think I ended up with a flock of about 25-27. I wish I had taken a photo of the flock before they all flew their separate ways. It was fun to make them and set them upon my coworkers' desk before they came into work.

These are just two of the many I made from an old light blue manila folder and bits of scrap paper for the dots and heart. I even used bits of an old shower invitation for some of the hearts. I used the flower punch cutouts of paper punch and used a gluestick to glue on to a few, and some of the others I used decorative paper. Each one was unique. I think my favorites were the plain jane baby blue old manila folder ones with no embellishment though!

See upcoming post about the felt valentine's pups!

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