my sweet little helper

I recently cleaned up the guest room from all the "construction" zone craziness that accompanied the craft nest creation. This allowed for my son to join me in the room for the first time. Oh what joy it brought to my heart to have him in my craft nest with me while I created and he played with felt at my feet! I cannot tell you how wonderful a feeling that was. He took the felt out of the jar and put it back in. Took a little detour to play with something else and then came back to it. Joy of joys!

I also bought him several sets of flash cards to play with from Target's $1 bins a month or two ago since he loves photos and paper products. On his changing table I give him a few animal flash cards to hold and we make noises of the animals to keep him distracted enough not to flip over (which he can do in less than a second with no notice!). I had a set of presidents flash cards that he had not seen yet and gave those to him to sort through and play with as well. Very fitting for all the presidents' birthdays in February!

I remember very fondly sorting through my mom's button jar as she sewed. I would organize them by color or type in muffin tins--oh so fun!!! I hope my son will find sweet moments as I did and then someday even begin creating himself. He had a head start on that a few months ago when I melted down old crayons and molded them in a rainbow of layered colors in a heart shaped silicone mold. He colors with the crayon hearts once in a while. He also got some markers last week that he got to scribble with under close supervision. But I digress..it was such a wonderful experience to have two of my loves, my son and crafting (one much greater than the other), in the same room!
p.s. I could not believe he actually wanted to wear a hat! He chose this pumpkin hat to wear and kept it on for much of the weekend. Maybe he will be a hat wearer after all! Hurrah!

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